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Make A Splash With A Well Designed Logo

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Your business WILL benefit from a well designed logo.

• You will be easily recognized.

• It contributes to Brand Consistency when used on all marketing collateral (both printed and online). When someone is asked about their favorite brand, the first thing that comes to mind is the logo – and people stay loyal to that.
Leaves a memorable impression on your prospective and current clients – 40% of people remember what they see instead of what they read or hear.
Declares your personality and image with color and style with a statement of who you are and what you represent.

• A well designed logo is instrumental in maintaining a certain image of your brand. Your ultimate goal is for your company to be recognized by just the imagery in your logo without the words having to be attached. Achieving this iconic status (think Coca Cola, Nike, etc.) That may seem out of reach for a small business but having that visually appealing imagery that showcases your products and services will attract people to your advertising in an authentic way.

• Differentiating your brand from your competition is critical for business survival. It is essential to communicate the benefits of your brand and show your audience why you are the best choice for them. A well designed logo can put you far above the competition, especially when paired with a steady marketing system.


It is important for graphic designers to capture the power of the psychology of color in their designs – especially in a logo design. Companies can utilize the responses to communicate their brand message. Depending on how a color is applied, the connotation can be either positive or negative. Almost 85% of consumers base color as their main reason for purchasing a product.

In general:

Bright and bolder colors are attention grabbing but can also appear rude.

Muted tones can portray a more mature image but also run the risk of being overlooked.

RED: Warm color – hints at danger, passion, energy or power. It is said to stimulate appetite (ie. McDonald’s)

ORANGE: Warm color – Modern, comforting and youthful.

YELLOW: Warm color – Signifies warning (ie. yellow stop light or construction business), can also stimulate appetite and is sometimes related with royalty. It can be seen as optimistic and cheerful.

GREEN: Cool Color – Organic, natural, ethical or vegetarian. Can also mean growth or freshness and symbolizes financial stance or money.

BLUE: Cool Color – Corporate, professional. Represents calmness, peace, honesty and intelligence. Used frequently in financial institutions.

PURPLE: Cool Color – Luxury, royalty, wisdom and imagination. Associated with the church, and wealth.

BLACK: The absence of all color – Powerful, villainous, secretive or deathly. Many companies require a black and white version on their logo.

GRAY: Shade of black – Transition between black and white and is the color of compromise.

WHITE: A color without hue – Purity, cleanliness. A white logo will always have to be on a colored background

BROWN: Hints at masculinity and protection and is used in many outdoors-y products.

PINK: Warm color – Fun and flirty, with a psychology of unconditional love or nurturing. Has feminine associations but also means that it is avoided for products not targeted at women.


Font choice is another aspect of creating a logo that has a similar effect on your audience. Think about which fonts you should be using for your logo to pull the right emotions from your audience. The more familiar your audience is with the font you choose, the more likely they are to trust you.

SERIF: Traditional and respectable. Portrays reliability, stability and comfort.

SANS SERIF: Modern, simple and clean. Very contemporary and to the point.

SCRIPT: Elegant and affectionate. Can be portrayed as feminine,

MODERN: Strong and progressive, stylish and chic. Futuristic and smart.

DISPLAY: Quirky and unique. Should be displayed at a larger size and have big personalities.

DECORATIVE: Fun and casual. These fonts are highly stylized and can bring an informal atmosphere.

Although it might be confusing, the easiest way to imagine your new look is by noticing logos that you love, determine the colors that speak to your brand, and reflect on the unique products that you bring to market.

Call today to set up an appointment for your new logo!


Download a logo questionnaire here to get started!

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