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    WORD OF MOUTH MARKETING The Original Social Media Platform to Reach People 92% of consumers trust family and friends for referrals over all forms of advertising according to a Nielson Survey. AND 62% of marketing executives believe that Word of Mouth Marketing is the most cost effective form of marketing. Yet, for some reason, it […]
    Make a Splash with Direct Mail Simple as one, two, three… 1. The List 2. The Offer 3. The Mail Piece Ok, so maybe t’s not that simple. The List has to be good! That means you have determined your best customer. Who is your best customer? “Everyone with a pulse” is not a good […]
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    CREATE A COHESIVE BRAND FOR A BRIGHT FUTURE You’ve put a lot of time into your branding. Your logo, your colors, your message and your target audience have been carefully chosen to reflect your authentic brand. (Our graphic designers can help you if you have not done it yet.) A great way to put your company […]
  • Featured Client – McDowell Village
    In November of 2015 Splash Printing and Marketing won the Scottsdale Chamber 30th Annual Sterling Award for MicroBusiness. Jay Beaird, Marketing Director of McDowell Village, as a 2014 Sterling winner, served as one of the judges. Apparently Jay liked what he saw and kept us in mind, because he was back a few months later […]
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    The post Splash Printing and Marketing Sterling Award Video appeared first on Splash Printing & Marketing.
  • Creativity
    Marketing can usually be broken down into three steps: 1) Tell people how you make their life better. 2) Make the message stand out. 3) And do it over, over and over again. As the New Year approaches, everyone wonders “How can I make my next year better?”  Our suggestion, creativity. It is the key […]
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    Enter the Splash Coloring Contest and share your work with the world! Not only will you have a chance to win a prize, but who knows — you may just inspire someone else! Grab your pencils, get creative and post your drawing to our Facebook Page. Grand Prize Winner will receive an Amazon Gift Card and your […]

3 Creative Ways to Fill Your Sales Pipeline With Gratitude

Kristin SliceBy Kristin Slice 2 years agoNo Comments
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The Holidays are a great time to show gratitude for your clients and community. This year, take advantage of the “season of gratitude” to strengthen your relationships and communicate your value to your current customers and your future customers. Thinking strategically about how to creatively show your gratitude can mean the difference between a generic card that gets thrown into the pile or a steady flow of word of mouth referrals in the next year. Here are three creative twists on the traditional holiday gratitude.Gratitude Sales Pipeline

1.) Donate to a charity that your team is passionate about supporting, in the name of your clients. Use this opportunity to show what you care about, more than likely your clients care about them as well. You make an impression that STANDS OUT and make an authentic connection.

2.) Give away a special white paper or free download. Now this is marketing 101 but many organizations still give away “things” or focus on discounts versus showing your clients and potential clients your value through educational content. The New Year is a great time to put together tools to help your clients achieve their 2016 goals. Everyone loves a New Year goal! Make sure you are part of their New Year plan. Plus, it is a great marketing goal for your team. Marketing is all about practice. Do it once and you will find that giving away a new white paper every quarter in 2016 will be easy peasy.

3.) Pick up the phone. For real. Get your team, pour some nog, make it a game. Even if you just leave a voicemail. Call everyone in our contact list, not just clients. Tell them you appreciate their support and your look forward to working with the more in 2016. Don’t over think it. Simple but in the age of emails and in the season of stuff, your voice can ring true.

This year we have a lot to be thankful for here at Splash Printing and Marketing with even bigger changes coming in 2016. Let us take this opportunity to say thank you and happy holidays from our team to yours.

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